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The WrathBliss- Dark Strides- 1/30/2014

My 1st publication of writings is available now at Lulu.com
A 52 page offering of what can be considered to be a raw, poetical adventure of expressive rhyme, imperfect, beautiful...from the heart, soul & mind of a most unique, unknown writer...in a most saturated sea of poets, writers, bloggers, thinkers, & dreamers.
WrathBliss does not offer a typical poetic offering upon the pages of his 1st publication. Please do allow your eyes, your heart, your soul..& your imagination to embark on a most entertaining journey...that you will
find within...Dark Strides. On sale now at Lulu.com.
Only the 1st of more to arrive
upon pages that hopefully will
be met by the joy of your ready 
& most willing eyes;
2nd Revised Edition 
is due out July 2014.
Music by me, Timothy d.M. The WrathBliss.
I reside in Aurora, CO. 
Album: Beauty Beneath the Beast
21 song EP of 21 songs, over 71 minutes of 
folkish, popish, electroish, dopeafied indie music.
Listen to some FULL SONGS HERE
Listen to samples and BUY  Here  for only $5!!

Happy Holidays to you!
Thank you so much!
Be safe, happy, blessed on your Journey
of Life, Love, Dreams, Work, Family, Friendship,
Living, Inspiring, Hope, ...Being...YOU!
Beauty Beneath the Beast ep
Thank YOU so much for visiting and for your consideration, purchase, time!
The WrathBliss 
is Timothy d.M
WrathBliss on CdBaby
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WrathBliss Dark Strides Book
Discover the Host, the Poet,
the Man,the Parent, 
the Dreamer,the PIANIST
Timothy D. M. the WrathBliss
Timothy D. M. the WrathBliss