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Express it All...through 
Good Times, Bad Times,Pain, Pleasure, 
Romance, Heartbreak, Doubt, Passion
Hope, Hopelessness, Laughter, Relationships, Chance, Honesty
Respect, Equality, Peace
LOVE, Dreams, Happiness
Imperfection, Inner Beauty,
Inspiring, Trying, Creating, Sharing
Expressing,Forgiving Growing, Learning
Teaching, Inspiring Understanding
Appreciating, Supporting
Living, Loving, Believing 
.....through Art.......

Welcome to my WrathBliss...
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Timothy D. M. the WrathBliss
Timothy D. M. the WrathBliss Mr. ITA
I am
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my 1st full digital EP album release 
available now for only 3.99 + tax @ Cd Baby.
Dark Strides III
Out Now
Released: 2/16/2015
Buy it now through me 
via Paypal or in person, 
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Poeticals about life, love,
fear, inner war & more.
A umMoment with the Mellow Mr. Imagine
the Author WrathBliss
Meet T.D.M WrathBliss